The Sun Inn Golf Society has only 3 rules.......

Rule 1.  After placing your ball on the tee do not touch it again until you take it out of the hole.

Rule 2. Do not bend down in the rough and say "just checking if it's my ball"......we know what your doing!!!!!

Rule 3. Whilst looking for your ball in the bushes out of site you must clap your hands at all times........


All golf balls to be marked with your own identification and declared when teeing off or changed through loss of ball etc.

You must putt out anything over 9".

You are not allowed to improve your lie by treading behind the ball with your foot, especially left handers!

Handicaps are changed at the discretion of the handicap secretary after at least 3 scorecards have been entered.

All complaints to go through the Chairman to be discussed at the committee meetings.

If at the end of the season 2 or more players in the top 3 are level on scores the winner will be decided on his or her next best score and so on until a decision is reached. Not the toss of a coin !!!!!

AGM 2012 changes.

Winners will not be docked 2 shots from their handicaps for winning.

Anyone scoring two consecutive 26 points or less will have their handicaps revised at the discretion of the Handicap secretary

2016 Handicap Rules

1.   Max handicap is 28

2.   Max initial handicap for new members is 24, to be reviewed after 2 matches

3.   Match winner with score:

    a.   ≤ 36 to lose 1 shot

    b.   ≥ 37 to lose 2 shots

4.   Any other player scoring ≥ 37 to lose 1 shot

5.   Handicap adjustment after every match for low scoring:

    a.   For scores 20 to 29 gain 1 shot

    b.   For scores < 20 gain 2 shots



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