03/04/10:- The first event should have been at Crookhill but the course was closed due to the greens being waterlogged. However a phone call to Thorne Golf club and we were able to play there at short notice. The winner was Mick "bandit" Bateman on 43 points,2nd went to John Murfin on 39 points and 3rd went to Dave Lockwood on 36 points after a back nine countback with Steve Hawcroft,Dave Murfin and Kev Wood. Nearest the pins were won by Steve Hawcroft and Richard Bladon with the longest straightest drive won by Wes Price!

19/05/10:- Bradley Park Golf Club at Huddersfield. The event was held on the hilly Bradley Park course where the "Buggy" men took advantage.

   Paul Brown in Buggy 1 scored 40 points to win the event, Chris Sanger in Buggy 2 came second on 39 points and Mark Hawcroft pulling his own trolley scored 38 points for 3rd. Nearest the pins were won by Steve Hawcroft, Wes Price and Mick Bateman whilst Wes also won the longest drive.........AGAIN !! 

27/06/10:- Thorne Golf Club. A Full English to start the day , a round of golf and then back to the Sun Inn for a Bar b que , all done on the hottest day of the year so far,who could ask for more.

  The event was won by Steve Hawcroft with 40 points, second was Paul Brown with 38 points and third was John Murfin with 37 points. The nearest the pin competitions were won by Mick Bateman,Neil Goldthorpe and Kev Wood and the longest drive was 3 on the trot for Wes Price........AGAIN!!! ( Maybe we should demand he uses his pitching wedge)

  We even had a policeman turn up on the 18th saying there had been a report of bandits in the area but he turned his attention to all the guys wearing shorts, fortunately he said he couldn't arrest anyone for crimes of nature!

Thanks go to Steve and Julie Lockwood for a superb welcome back at the Sun with a delicious Bar b que and well done to Roger Cooper for staying there until midnight! 

For those of you with three scores , your handicaps will now be updated if necessary...based on 1 handicap point per 3 full points on your averages.


31/07/10:-Kingswood Golf Club. We started with a nine hole warm up won by The Moose on 25 points and second was Chris Sanger with 22 points.After a light lunch we embarked on the 18 holes.....This was won by Dean Merritt with an excellent round scoring 46 points ! ( lets see what taking off 5 shots does! ) Second was Brian Hunt on a back nine countback with Wes Price both of whom carded 38 points.

 The nearest the pins were won by Dave Murfin,Paul Brown and The Moose with the longest drive being won by Wes Price for a change....AGAIN !!!!

  26/08/10 :- Sandhill Golf Club. We teed off at 10.30 after a bacon buttie fearing the worst with the weather but it held off and away we went. The stableford competition was won by Richard Harrison who shot 43 points and lost 4 points off his handicap. Second was Wes Price shooting an impressive 26 points on the back nine for a score of 41. Third place went to Chris Sanger with 38 points. Nearest the pins were won by Wes Price, John Murfin and Richard Harrison and the longest drive was won by "NOT WES PRICE",Chris Sanger. Wes didn't even win the straightest drive,an extra on added for this course and was won by Paul Brown.

 Did I mention that Wes Price didn't win the longest drive??????

Some more handicaps have been revised,check to see if yours has changed....

14/09/10 :- Pontefract Golf Club.

 16 of us turned up at Pontefract Golf Course but it should have been 18 so after a head count we rang Neil Goldthorpe who was parked up at Mid Yorks and Wes Price who was listening to his Sat Nav sending him in the opposite direction towards Rotherham. Any way after a bit of juggling tee off personell we teed off on time with our full compliment of 18 players. It was very windy and this played havoc with some of the shots, however it didn't stop some good scoring, Mark Hawcroft won with 41 points, second was Roger Cooper with 37 points winning Brian Hunt on the back nine countback. Nearest the pins were won by Mick Bateman,Chris Sanger and Brian Hunt with the longest drive going to him again.................Wes Price....... It's tight at the top going into the last event at Woolley with over half the society able to win the yearly average.....

6/10/10 :- Woolley Grange Golf club.

  15 of us braved what looked like being a wet day,we encounted early rain,hailstone and wind and then SUNSHINE.

 We started off on the par 3 course allowing the use of just 2 clubs of each individuals choice,2 balls and a putter.This was won by Mark Hawcrofty with a very respectable 32.

Then it was Bacon Butty or chip buttie for Gav before we strayed out for the main event,18 holes.

It was possible for half the members to win the yearly handicap averages and the results were very close.The nearest the pins were won by Paul Brown and Chris Sanger with the longest drive going to Richard Bladon even with his strapped up knee!!!!

The 18 hole stableford finished with nerves a jangling.......Dave Murfin was clubhouse leader with 35 points with 3 of the last 4 balls all in with a shout. Chris Sanger drove off on the last playing safe down the middle,not long but safe, Steve Hawcroft took the advice of Wes Price and cut the corner with his drive,almost pulling his back out doing it, but it paid off leaving him 40 yards to the green,meanwhile Richard Harrison flirted with the fairway bunker.Poor old Wes's day got worse he creamed yet another drive that the wind got hold off and we believe landed in the water......at Cleethorpes... Chris hit a superb fairway wood onto the green leaving a 25 foot putt for birdie,whilst Richard managed to drop short.Steve took his sandwedge and pulled it to pin high just off the green and then putted to 5 foot. Richard by now was on the green for 3,putted to 3" and sunk for a 5. Chris hit his 25 foot putt past the hole and it went 7 foot past, everyone around the green were taking the mickey about the pressure on the remaining guys..Chris putted and in it went for par ,Steve putted and it just rolled in for par but this wasn't good enough as Chris finished on 37 points and Steve finished on 36.......

The 7 foot putt that Chris made not only won the match but also secured the Yearly averages,now that's close.

   Final yearly results averages finished Chris Sanger 37.25 , Steve Hawcroft and Wes Price finishing on 37, Steve took 2nd overall thanks to his next best finish of 35 points against Wes' 31 points. 




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