SAT 12th March Rudding park GC, Harrogate

HG3 1JH.

6 Hole warm up, Bacon Butties coffee/tea,

18 holes and 2 course meal. Tee off 09.30. NOT 10.30

Cost £15.00

Well done Chris Sanger.

FRI 8th April Bondhay GC, Worksop,S80 3EH

Par 3 course, Full English, 18 holes. Tee off 09.30

Cost £30.00

Well done Richard

FRI 6th May Wath GC . S62 7SJ

Bacon Tea/Coffee,18 Holes,Tee off 10.00

cost £23.00

Well done Paul Brown

THURS 2nd June Thorne GC .DN8 5RJ

Bacon Butties, Coffee 18 holes Steak pie ,chips “n” peas. Tee off 10.30

Cost £25.00

Well done Brian Hunt

SAT 25TH June Robin Hood (Owston Hall) Doncaster


Bacon, Coffee, 18 holes Steak Pie meal,Tee off 10.00

Cost £35.00

Well done Wes Price.

FRI 15th July Normanton GC WF3 4JP

Bacon Butties, Coffee, 18 holes

Cost £30.00

Well done Dave Murfin.

THURS 4th August Low Laithe’s GC WF5 9AP

Bacon Butties, Coffee, 18 holes, 2 course meal. Tee off 10.30

Cost £36.00

Well Done Chris Sanger.

THURS 15th September Woolley GC WF4 2JS

Par 3 course, Bacon Butties, 18 holes.

Steak pie, chips and peas. Tee off 09.00

Cost £41.00

All costs exclude the couple of quid for prize money!

Hope to get Rudding Park on a "End of Season" special offer in October!!

Not to be counted for the yearly comps...


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