Roger Cooper posing and Kev Taylor admiring. But which is his ball? the one in the air or the one on the path????? 

Chris Sanger, John Murfin, Richard Bladon and Wes Price. I now know how Wes hits the ball so far.....look how long his right arm is,he is scratching Murf's arse !!

Kev Taylor,Roger Cooper and Mark Hawcroft. Is Roger doing a Bugs Bunny impression ???? 

Mick Bateman, Chris Minnis and the Moose posing at Thorne. Chris was wondering why he had 2 burnt spots on his head... 

Andy Rich,Brian Hunt,Paul Brown and Neil Goldthorpe on the 18th green at Thorne. Neil obviously goes to big school.

 Steve on a rare visit to his own fairway, is he wearing bell bottoms.....( The theory that wearing black makes you look thinner is wrong ) Pontefract golf course between the 18th and 9th fairway.


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